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June 1 - Pulling Out All the Stops

Ten extraordinary young organists from the United States and Europe compete in the first International Longwood Gardens Organ Competition. The organists face a challenge other musicians never encounter: every organ is completely different and none of Longwood’s 10 finalists had a chance to practice on the Aeolian Organ before arriving at the competition.

June 8 - Odd Squad: World Turned Odd

When Oona, Olympia, and Otis accidentally change the past, they undo every odd case Odd Squad ever solved. As Odd Squad try to set things right, kids will learn about 3D shapes, sound, color, shape, letter and number patterns, skip counting, and operations patterns.

June 15 - Job Centered Learning

Many economists, business owners, and labor leaders have raised alarm about a rising skills gap in the United States between the jobs that are available and those with the skills needed to fill them. This film takes a critical look at the wide range of career education some high schools are offering to close this gap and make education more relevant for students.

June 22 - Wild Kratts: Back In Creature Time

The Kratts lament the extinction of different animals in recent history and how they’ll never ever be able to see them. Aviva decides that it’s finally time to unveil her most secret invention yet - the Time Trampoline, which lets them jump back in time to meet the extinct species.

June 29 - Ride

When Wendy Kirbey’s hometown needed an economic boost she had an idea: build a carousel, from scratch, using old world craftsmanship. See how this idea transforms the community when a group of dedicated volunteers come together to design, hand carve, and paint what many believe will be one of the most beautiful carousels ever created.