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April 5 - Science is Fun

Join Professor Shakhashiri and friends for some fun science! In these two episodes, you will experience the chemical reaction of carbon dioxide and see how metals react with other objects. So grab your lab kit and explore the world of science.

April 12 - Me, Dorothy... and This Road to Oz

Follow the Yellow Brick Road with the Kansas City Ballet as they prepare for the world premiere of The Wizard of Oz. You will walk alongside  composers, set designers and dancers first read through the final bow and beyond using multi-platform and multi-media storytelling that will capture all ages.

April 19 - Invisible Bars

Explore the effects of mass incarceration through families caught in generational cycles of imprisonment. This hour-long documentary is a rare look inside of the lives of those who are determined to break this seemingly never-ending pattern.

April 26 - Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matthew Rutherford Story

He was a very stubborn child and grew in that stubbornness as a man. When Matt Rutherford decided to sail an incredible 27,000-mile journey, not many thought he could make it. In his 27–foot boat, he was determined to venture the seas between North and South America on a nonstop journey. Before he embarked on his solo voyage, professional sailors called him crazy and declared that Rutherford was on “a suicide mission,” but almost a year later he proved them wrong. Set sail on Matt Rutherford’s 309 day voyage through his remarkable video footage and audio logs. Try to stay afloat.