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February 1 - Pilchuck: a Dance with Fire

See how the foundation of the Pilchuck Glass School came to be in Pilchuck: a Dance with Fire. Experience the telling of the story of how a small camp in the woods became a world-class art school and attracted glass masters and students from all over the world.

February 8 - Second to None

Most high schools have a band, but few can commpare to the Liberty High School Grenadiers from Bethlehem, PA. With 300 strong, this world renowned musical institution performs for presidents and queens. They may carry sousaphones and bagpipes in there arms, but they carry tradition in their hearts.

February 15 - Turn the Page 

In this special,  you will see how incarcerated parents and there children bond through the Storybook Program. They allows the inmates to read their child a story from a book. 

February 22 at 8:00pm - Project Asteroid: Mapping Bennu

NASA sends a spacecraft to anaylize the asteroid Bennu in 2016. See the construction of one of the critical instruments of the spacecraft and how they worked together to build and launch the Osiris-REx.

February 22 at 8:30pm - Focusing the Universe

The story of what modern astronomy has become today thanks to the development and growth of Steward Observatory.