Q-TV Kids Family Fridays

These specials that kids and parents can enjoy together air Fridays at 8 pm on Q-TV Kids.

February 3 - Without Perfect Answers

Without Perfect Answers is a documentary about two residential schools: one isolated in the North Carlolina mountains, the other in Jerusalem. The two schools are 6,000 miles apart, but they’re side by side in finding a better way for at-risk children.

February 10

8:00 - Mammoth Cave: A Place Called Home

Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park and the rich history of community in the area are explored.

8:30 - Communities as Classrooms

A profound education initiative at four schools in El Salvador in the fall of 2015 is showcased.

February 17 - Biz Kid$: Three Minutes to Change the World

Four young entrepreneurs compete in an international contest to change the world. Sharing their lives, passions, joys and hardships, these semi-finalists must present their business ideas to some of the world’s most influential technology leaders - in just 180 seconds.

February 24 - Dinosaur Train: What’s at the Center of the Earth?

The Conductor has a special surprise for our favorite Pteranodon Family: the Dinosaur Drill Train! This amazing machine gives its passengers a front row seat as they dig deep underground on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure below the Earth’s surface.