Q-TV Kids Family Fridays

These specials that kids and parents can enjoy together air Fridays at 8 pm on Q-TV Kids.

January 5 - Salinas Project

In a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Salinas, California, poverty, deplorable housing conditions and gang violence are a part of daily life. In the face of adversity, the young people of Salinas strive to improve their social and economic realities by educating themselves and changing their lives, one generation at a time.

January 12 - Mearra: Selkie from the Sea

Folk musician Linda Marie Smith sets the stage for an epic Irish fantasy through animated projections, theatrical lighting, and nine immensely gifted musicians who weave this beautiful and family friendly tale of a fanciful mermaid-like creature named Mearra, who transforms from a seal to a beautiful young woman when she falls in love with a human fisherman.

January 19 - Odd Squad: World Turned Odd

When Oona, Olympia, and Otis accidentally change the past, they undo every odd case Odd Squad ever solved.

January 26 - Earth’s Natural Wonders: Extreme Wonders

Visit extreme locales, including Mount Everest’s Khumbu Icefall and its dangers to sherpas; the Grand Canyon, where conservationists try to ensure a condor chick’s survival; and the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, where farmers battle with elephants.